SESSION DESCRIPTIONS: Tuesday, May 03, 2016

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8:30-10:00 / Tuesday, May 03 - General Session

Welcome: Engaging Customers Differently
Noel Goggin, CEO and Cultural Leader, Aptos
Since spinning off from Epicor last June, we have leveraged our independence to apply a new strategic approach to the development and delivery of our solutions, to invest in new talent and infrastructure, and to focus everything we do on delivering more substantial value to our retailers. In this keynote welcome address, Aptos CEO and Culture Leader Noel Goggin will present an in-depth, guided tour of where we've been, what we've accomplished and where we're headed. You’ll learn why we created Aptos, who we are and the way we’ve chosen to work—The Aptos Way. You’ll get a full report card on our progress over the past twelve months, including our shift to the Cloud, our singular commerce platform that enables seamless experiences and unified operations, and our expanded international presence. And you’ll see where our culture of innovation will take us over the next twelve months as we continue to go “all in” on our commitment to Engaging Customers Differently.

10:00-6:30 / Tuesday, May 03

Tour the Solutions Zone and Win!
Meet with Aptos and our technology partners to experience today's most advanced solutions for retail.  Complete your Engage Passport by visiting kiosks in the Solutions zone to win one of our Engage prizes, including 1 of 2 Amazon Echo devices!  Winners will be announced at the Silent Auction event on Wednesday at 4:30 in the Solution Zone.  Return your completed passport to the registration desk or the Mobile App help desk in the Solutions Zone for your chance to win!

10:30-11:45 / Tuesday, May 03 - Keynote

Keynote: Five Dysfunctions of Team
Pat Lencioni, Founder and CEO, The Table Group
According to Patrick Lencioni, business author and CEO of the The Table Group, teamwork remains the ultimate competitive advantage--both because it is so powerful and so rare. He makes the point that if you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time. In this insightful keynote based on his runaway best-seller, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Pat will uncover the natural human tendencies that derail teams and lead to politics and confusion in so many organizations. Audience members will walk away with specific advice and practical tools for overcoming the dysfunctions and making their teams more functional and cohesive.
Tracks: One Interaction, One Order, One Customer, One Product, One Truth, One View of the Enterprise Store
Products: Store, Digital Commerce/OMS, CRM, Merchandising, AOM, Analytics


1:00-1:50 / Tuesday, May 03

Store / Mobile Store, What's New and What's Ahead
Chris Maragoudakis & Mike Hughes, Aptos
As retailers continue to innovate with compelling customer experiences and omni-channel strategies, it's critical for store systems to evolve to support and complete the experience. Attend this session to review the latest capabilities and enhancements added to the Store/Mobile Store products, including expanded international support, OMS integration, tender discounts, best buy logic, dynamic currency conversion, AJB integration and EMV, and more.
Track: One Interaction
Product: Store

Digital Commerce: What's New and What's Ahead
Shane Desrochers & Chase Dodge, Aptos
Digital Commerce and Order Management have become a driving force in increasing sales and improving margins across  your enterprise. Join Shane Desrochers and Chase Dodge from Aptos for a discussion on what Aptos has delivered in Digital Commerce and Order Management as well as future plans to support your goals on enhancing the customer experience and increasing sales and profitability.
Track: One Interaction
Product: Digital Commerce

CRM and Clienteling: What's New and What's Ahead
Sarah Barron, Aptos
Following our release of CRM7, more retailers have been gaining the advantages of using a single database to track customers and their transactions in all channels, to develop richer, more accurate profiles and marketing programs. In this session, we’ll explore what we have done to leverage those benefits with enhancements in our recent quarterly CRM releases, as well as in Clienteling, and what we’re doing and planning to further extend them over the coming months. We’ll also cover how we're working to integrate CRM with our Analytics and Digital Commerce solutions.
Track: One Customer
Product: CRM

Merchandising and WMS: What's New and What's Ahead
Helen Kostis, Aptos
Effective merchandising is more important than ever to ensure ongoing competitiveness, and it's a prime area for enhancement to support improved productivity and omni-channel integration. Attend this session to learn about new and extended merchandising capabilities, including our rewrite of pricing, user-defined calculations, selling warehouses, and integration with Order Management. We'll also review the inventory work list, which allows you to allocate backstock or wholesale inventory; Web IM enhancements; purchase order enhancements and other great customer-inspired features. You'll also hear about exciting changes within Analytics around the integration of customer data, store analytics dashboards, enhanced promotional data, and planning applications for store grading and size analytics. 
Track: One Product
Products: Merchandising/WMS

Audit and Operations Management (AOM): What's New and What's Ahead
Darlene Bogusz, Aptos
Your retail operations are supported by a wide array of systems, and your overall performance depends in large part on how well they work together. That’s one reason why your use of Sales Audit, the core component of AOM, is so important. As the central processor and validation engine for all your vital transaction data, Sales Audit sits at the very center of your enterprise systems. That’s also why we are continually working to develop this solution to help you leverage new opportunities and adapt to change. This session will focus on our integration of Sales Audit with Enterprise Order Management and EMV. We’ll also cover a number of new features such as multi-record mass delete, transaction attachment improvements, support for larger amount fields and more.
Track: One Truth
Product: AOM

Got ROI?  Leading Change and User Adoption to Deliver Investment Value
Lori Gillin, rue21; Craig Hewitt, The Paper Store
Leigh Ann Murgi & Cheryl Cochran, Aptos
The right technology, coupled with the right processes, can help onboard new or improved capabilities that enhance competitiveness, profitability and customer satisfaction. With Analytics, those gains can be profound. However, to maximize returns on that investment, retailers also need to ensure that users are properly oriented, trained and comfortable with the shift. Join our retail panel of "people" pros as they offer insights into change management, user adoption, and strategies for maximizing Analytics ROI.
Track: One View of the Enterprise
Product: Analytics

2:00-2:50 / Tuesday, May 03

The Singular Commerce Experience
Panelists: Gary Zorko, Z Gallerie; Mike Starkey, Performance Bikes; Jan Dunlap, Scrubs and Beyond; Ralph Niebles, The Art of Shaving;
Shannon Warner, Cognizant
There is much talk in the retail industry around unified commerce or omni-channel or singular commerce, but what are retailers actual doing to deliver the true Singular Commerce experience? Join Gary Zorko from Z Galllerie, Mike Starkey from Performance Bikes, and Ralph Niebles from The Art of Shaving to learn how Singular Commerce is shaping business practices at these leading brands, and the value each one is gaining from this approach.
Tracks: One Interaction, One Order
Products: Store, DC, OMS

Hidden Gems of the Digital Commerce Platform
Shane Desrochers & Chase Dodge, Aptos
As a user of Aptos Digital Commerce, you know it to be a comprehensive platform that optimizes all aspects of online retailing. But many users overlook some of its richest features and and most robust, useful functions. Are you among them? Join us for this review of often-missed features that will help you become more productive in managing your digital operations.
Track: One Interaction
Product: Digital Commerce

POS Hardware Initiatives: A World of Opportunities
Alex Achour, Aptos
Aptos' Store offering extends far beyond our software solutions and services. We also provide a complete range of value-added hardware services to optimize your operations, and we continue to develop this offering in step with your changing needs. Attend this session to explore our world of hardware opportunities, including: The Certified Hardware Program to reduce the cost of Store 6, staging and rollout services, warranty management and our buyback program, as well as our lease-to-own and hardware-as-a-service programs.
Track: One Interaction
Product: Store

Leveraging Customer Data with Enterprise Analytics
Sarah Barron & Cheryl Cochran, Aptos
Aptos CRM enables you to collect rich data on all aspects of your customers' interactions with your brand across time and channels, but are you using it effectively to truly understand their behaviours and optimize your decisions? This session will show you how to leverage CRM to its full advantage with Aptos Analytics. We'll explain the extended capabilities available by combining these powerful solutions, the benefits of integrating CRM into your data warehouse, and customer segment migration in Analytics, and more.
Tracks: One View of the Enterprise, One Customer
Products: CRM, Analytics

The Price is Right!
Maria Prato, The Art of Shaving - Wendi Wise, Active Ride
Robyn Toban, Aptos
You’re committed to not only ensuring the price is right for your diverse customer base, but also that any promotional activity is effective and productive. Join this session to hear retailers from Active Ride, Pier 1 Imports and The Art of Shaving share insight into their pricing strategy and tactics, including markdown and markup rationalization and pricing cadence. They’ll also open up their own book of tips and tricks to show you how they maximize their time and value from using Merchandising’s Pricing and POS Promo tool.
Tracks: One Product, One Interaction
Products: Merchandising, Store

Transitioning Sales Audit to EMV: Get in the Know
Darlene Bogusz & Johnny Legakis, Aptos
You're probably well on your way to implementing or planning EMV (if you're not already set up). And though you no doubt understand the issues from a payments perspective, have you considered their impact on Sales Audit? This session will bring you up to speed with everything you need to know. We'll discuss implementation options for EMV and their impact on Audit and Operations Management; the implications of implementing EMV with SA4.1 vs. SA5.x; as well as a range of best practices and recommendations for pairing these solutions for optimal results.
Track: One Truth
Product: AOM


3:10-4:00 / Tuesday, May 03

Deployment in the Cloud
Mike Verdeyen, Aptos
As your solutions partners, we are committed to continually improving product deployment, upgrades and integration as part of the long-term Cloud roadmap. In this session, Mike Verdeyen, CTO of Aptos, will provide details around the key areas that our Core Development team is focused on to make the delivery and maintenance of the Aptos suite of products easier, better and faster.
Track: One Customer, One Interaction, One Product, One Truth, One View of the Enterprise
Products: Store, CRM, Merchandising, AOM, Analytics

Rapid-Fire Live Landing Page Critiques
Tim Ash, Site Tuners
Your landing page has room for improvement, but do you know how to identify it? Bring your URL, or those from your competitors, and landing page optimization expert Tim Ash, CEO of SiteTuners, will give you some quick and actionable tips to immediately boost performance.  It's guaranteed to be an educational and entertaining session.
Track: One Interaction
Product: Digital Commerce

Got Data?  Now What?
Sahir Anand, EKN Research; Nathalie Belanger, Aptos
The time is NOW for you to start leveraging your CRM data for increased profit! Join us for this session on how to maximize your customer database by using the data in surprising new ways and some not so surprising classic ways. Take home some great ideas you can start implementing in your own retail organization and realize immediate benefits. 
Track: One Customer
Product: CRM

Customer Liability: Uncommon Uses, Exceptional Results
Darlene Bogusz & Ankur Barthakur, Aptos
Customer Liability is used extensively by Sales Audit clients, but in vastly different ways. Are you leveraging its full potential? This session will present examples of how this highly flexible module may be applied in valuable ways you may not have considered. For example, it can prevent the re-use of single-use coupons to control fraudulent refunds, track house accounts to avoid the cost of maintaining them in AR, and even track special functions such as rentals, party bookings and league fees. Join us to learn all that Customer Liability could do for you!
Track: One Truth
Product: AOM

Yes, We have Your Size!
Nick Leeper, Aptos
Are you truly optimizing size? Are you overstocked in some sizes and stocked out in other sizes, causing missed markdowns and missed sales? You are not alone as this is an industry-wide dilemma. Advanced sizing analysis offers retailers amazing performance improvements in sales, margin and inventory velocity while improving customer satisfaction. Join Aptos' Nick Leeper as he discusses opportunities in sizing, including customer-centric buying and allocation, localization, and capturing "true" demand.
Tracks: One Product, One View of the Enterprise
Products: Merchandising, Analytics

4:10-5:00 / Tuesday, May 03

Can a Global Retailer Maintain One Master Configuration?
Tim Ferkel, Nike
Chris Maragoudakis, Aptos
If you've expanded into global markets or are considering that next step, you should be planning to comply with local tax and consumer protection regulations on your Aptos Store 6 platform. Do you need to maintain separate configurations to meet the needs of each geography? How many different configurations are too many to support your global plan? In this interactive session, Tim Ferkel, Nike and Chris Maragoudakis, Aptos will discuss their experiences with single and multiple configurations. We'll explore the pros and cons of maintaining one master POS configuration that adapts to local needs using conditional flows and configuration overlays, and how managing the needs of an international operation and multiple business units play into that decision.
Track: One Interaction
Product: Store

Pants, Trousers, or Slacks?  How Pegasus Lighting uses Content and Copy to Drive Organic Traffic to their Website
Chris Johnson, Pegasus Lighting
Everyone knows that getting traffic to your web site can be costly, but what if there was an easy way to drive free traffic to your site? Join Chris Johnson, CEO and President of Pegasus Lighting, as he takes you through his journey of optimizing his site’s product copy and the creation of rich educational content to drive incremental traffic. Chris will offer useful tips to help you determine the best words to use to increase your sales.
Track: One Interaction
Product: Digital Commerce

Expanding the Power of One Customer through Enhanced Interaction Tracking
John Miller Thomson, Aptos
Profiling your customers coherently and consistently across your channels and brands has become critical for effective CRM. It depends on maintaining a 360-degree view of each customer in a single database, and your ability to accurately track their shopping behaviors. Attend this session to learn how with CRM's new Enhanced Interactions feature. We'll explain how it works and how to use it to understand email results, web behavior, social media interactions and more, with examples of querying and reporting. We'll also discuss what we have planned for future developments.
Track: One Customer
Product: CRM

Allocation My Way: How Retailers Ace Algorithms
Linda Taucher, Paper Store - Wendi Wise, Active Ride
Roybn Toban, Aptos
Having the right technology driving your allocations is a win in both performance and productivity. At the same time, there are instances where being able to customize calculations can be extremely beneficial. Join retailers Active Ride and The Paper Store and an Aptos consultant as they explain how retailers have moved away from Excel, embraced Allocation, and now maximize the value of the tools with user-defined calculations (UDC).
Track: One Product
Product: Merchandising

Hidden Gems in AOM
Greg Morgan, Marshall Retail Group
Darlene Bogusz, Aptos
For 20 years, AOM has been helping retailers maintain clean and accurate data, identify fraudulent behavior and streamline auditing processes. You know the value it delivers, but do you really know all that it can do? Attend this session to hear Greg Morgan, Marshall Retail Group and Darlene Bogusz, Aptos share some of AOM's "hidden gems" – great functionality that many retailers either aren't aware of or are not taking full advantage of. Among other things, we'll cover bank reconciliation, report scheduling and user-controlled customization of Loss Prevention Case Management.
Track: One Truth
Product: AOM

Empowering Stores with Enterprise Analytics
Lori Gillan, rue21;  Tina Gong, True Religion; Craig Kemph, CapGemini
Cheryl Cochran, Aptos
Centralizing store operations is cost-effective and allows the stores to focus on sales. However, when stores are empowered with information and insights, they can often make decisions that optimize the selling environment to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and control costs. In this session, Lori Gillan, rue21: Tina Gong, True Religion; Craig Kemph, Cap Gemini; and Cherly Cochran, Aptos will share best practices for bringing the right data to stores, including how to leverage mobile, POS, and target the right roles in store operations.
Track: One View of the Enterprise, One Store
Products: Analytics, Store


Sessions and Speakers are subject to change