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8:30-10:00 / Tuesday, May 03 - General Session

Welcome: Engaging Customers Differently
Noel Goggin, CEO and Cultural Leader, Aptos
What a Difference a Year Makes! It's remarkable how much has changed since our 2015 client conference–for Aptos and our clients! After spinning off from Epicor last June, we have leveraged our independence to re-new our commitment to deliver more substantial value to our retailers, to re-energize our resources with new talent and facilities, and to re-focus our strategies on singular commerce and seamless experiences, enabled by the Cloud. In this keynote welcome address, Aptos CEO and Culture Leader Noel Goggin will present an in-depth, guided tour of where we've been, what we've accomplished and where we're headed on your behalf. You'll learn about the many improvements we've made–and continue to make–as part of a renewed, customer-centric organization; what it means and what we've done to Engage Customers Differently; how we're reinforcing this culture internally at every level with The Aptos Way, and what our clients have achieved in the past year as partners in our approach.

10:30-11:45 / Tuesday, May 03 - Keynote

Keynote: Five Dysfunctions of Team
Pat Lencioni, Founder and CEO, The Table Group According to Patrick Lencioni, business author and CEO of the The Table Group, teamwork remains the ultimate competitive advantage--both because it is so powerful and so rare. He makes the point that if you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time. In this insightful keynote based on his runaway best-seller, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Pat will uncover the natural human tendencies that derail teams and lead to politics and confusion in so many organizations. Audience members will walk away with specific advice and practical tools for overcoming the dysfunctions and making their teams more functional and cohesive.
Tracks: One Interaction, One Order, One Customer, One Product, One Truth, One View of the Enterprise Store
Products: Store, Digital Commerce/OMS, CRM, Merchandising, AOM, Analytics

1:00-1:50 / Tuesday, May 03

Merchandising and WMS: What's New and What's Ahead
Helen Kostis, Aptos
Effective merchandising is more important than ever to ensure ongoing competitiveness, and it's a prime area for enhancement to support improved productivity and omni-channel integration. Attend this session to learn about new and extended merchandising capabilities, including our rewrite of pricing, user-defined calculations, selling warehouses, and integration with Order Management. We'll also review the inventory work list, which allows you to allocate backstock or wholesale inventory; Web IM enhancements; purchase order enhancements and other great customer-inspired features. Also hear about exciting changes within Analytics around the integration of customer data, store analytics dashboards, enhanced promotional data, and planning applications for store grading and size analytics. 
Track: One Product
Products: Merchandising/WMS

2:00-2:50 / Tuesday, May 03

The Price is Right!
Donny Faries, Pier 1 - Maria Parto, TAOS - Wendi Wise, Active Ride
Robyn Toban, Aptos
You’re committed to not only ensuring the price is right for your diverse customer base, but also that any promotional activity is effective and productive. Join this session to hear Retailers from Active Ride, Pier 1 Imports and The Art of Shaving share insight into their pricing strategy and tactics, including markdown and markup rationalization and pricing cadence. They’ll also open up their own book of tips and tricks to show you how they maximize their time and value from using Merchandising’s Pricing and POS Promo tool.
Tracks: One Product, One Interaction
Products: Merchandising, Store

3:10-4:00 / Tuesday, May 03

Deployment in the Cloud
Mike Verdeyen, Aptos
As your solutions partners, we are committed to continually improving product deployment, upgrades and integration as part of the longer term Cloud roadmap. In this session, Mike Verdeyen, CTO of Aptos, will provide details around the key
areas that our Core Development team is focused on to make the delivery and maintainability of theAptos suite of products easier, better and faster.
Track: One Customer, One Interaction, One Product, One Truth, One View of the Enterprise
Products: Store, CRM, Merchandising, AOM, Analytics

Yes, We have Your Size!!
Nick Leeper, Aptos
Are you truly optimizing size? Are you overstocked in some sizes and stocked out in other sizes, causing missed markdowns and missed sales? You are not alone as this is an industry wide dilemma. Advanced sizing analysis offers retailers amazing performance improvements in sales, margin and inventory velocity while improving customer satisfaction. Join Aptos' Nick Leeper as he discusses opportunities in sizing, including customer-centric buying and allocation, localization, and capturing "true" demand.
Tracks: One Product, One View of the Enterprise
Products: Merchandising, Analytics

4:10-5:00 / Tuesday, May 03

Allocation My Way: How to Ace Algorithms
Linda Taucher, Paper Store - Wendi Wise, Active Ride
Roybn Toban, Aptos
Having the right technology driving your allocations is a win in both performance and productivity. At the same time, there are instances where being able to customize calculations can be extremely beneficial. Join retailers Active Ride and The Paper Store and an Aptos consultant as they explain how retailers have moved away from Excel, embraced Allocation, and now maximize the value of the tools with user-defined calculations (UDC).
Track: One Product
Product: Merchandising

Support Services - Beyond Maintenance
Sonia Calcagni, Megan Corsetti & John Palermo, Aptos
How well do you know Aptos support? If you think it's just what we do day-to-day to resolve issues, you may want to think again. Our support team offers a wide range of services that can help remove more of your team's IT burden, so they can focus more on what the want and need to do: running your business! This session will introduce you to Aptos Direct-to-Store Support, our first-level help desk for your stores; Dedicated Support, with trained client/product specialists on call during critical periods; Hardware Support, with everything from warranty management to advance exchange programs to preventive maintenance services; and technical training to help you become more efficient and independent.
Tracks: One Interaction, One Order, One Customer, One Product, One Truth, One View of the Enterprise
Products: Store, Digital Commerce/OMS, CRM, Merchandising, AOM, Analytics

8:30-9:30 / Wednesday, May 04

Singular Commerce and The Power of One: Enabling Seamless Experiences
Ian Rawlins, Strategy Leader, Aptos
During this always-interesting and informative session, Ian Rawlins, Strategy Leader for Aptos, will share his unique perspective on how Aptos’ Singular Commerce platform strategy puts the Power of One to work to enable differentiating, efficient and seamless experiences in every channel and touch point. Ian’s session will include: An update of our vision for our Singular Commerce platform, a review and discussion of highlights from recent releases and advancements on the platform, and a discussion of what you can expect from us as we look forward over the next 12-24 months
Tracks: One Interaction, One Order, One Customer, One Product, One Truth, One View of the Enteprise
Products: Store, Digital Commerce/OMS, CRM, Merchandising, AOM, Analytics

9:30-10:15 / Wednesday, May 04 - Keynote

Keynote: Winning through Irrationality: Getting Inside the Mind of your Customers
Tim Ash, CEO, Sitetuners
People don't make "rational” decisions. Your web experiences may be laid out in a logical way, and that is costing you a lot of money. Understand the latest in neuromarketing research to bias visitors subconsciously, and make it more likely that they will take the desired action on your landing page. Learn the power of framing, irrational anchors, and visual biases. Find out what motivates your primitive reptilian brain, and how to skyrocket online conversion rates.
Tracks: One Interaction, One Order, One Customer, One Product, One Truth, One View of the Enterprise Store

10:45-11:45 / Wednesday, May 04

Retail Compass: Merchandising Advisory Board
Helen Kostis, Aptos
How do we chart the direction of our development investments for your Aptos solutions over the next 3+ years? With input from the retailers that use them! As your retail partners, we invite all users of Aptos Merchandising and WMS to participate in our Merchandising Advisory Board. In this session, we’ll discuss proposed investments for these solutions and their business value as part of our next-generation roadmap. Issues to be considered include: Going to the Cloud - what's first?; data security; kitting; UDC - replenishment; forecasting - usability; and actionable analyses with Analytics.
Track: One Product
Product: Merchandising

1:00-2:00 / Wednesday, May 04

Merchandising Advisory Board: Ante Up and Vote
Helen Kostis, Aptos
Enough talk - now it's time to play your cards and Ante Up! As a follow-up to our Retail Compass discussions about possible new investments and directions, Merchandising Advisory Board members will use casino chips to vote on their preferences and priorities for the future development of Aptos Merchandising and WMS.
Track: One Product
Product: Merchandising

2:10-3:00 / Wednesday, May 04

Order Complete: Leverage Warehouses to Deliver on Customer Promises
Danny Bilodeau, Aptos
Yes, you're capturing and processing customer orders, but do your warehouses feel like assets or liabilities? Ineffective warehouses can threaten your ability to deliver on customer promises and can eat up profit along the way! Learn how retailers using the right technology can turn warehouses into a competitive advantage, including a solution overview.
Tracks: One Product, One Order
Products: Merchandising/WMS, Digital Commerce

Merchandising through the Eyes of the Customer with Analytics
Carlo Hanna & Cheryl Cochran, Aptos
The changing dynamics of customers and their expectations brings new challenges to traditional merchandising. To be competitive and profitable, today's merchants need deep analytical abilities, particularly on customer data. Attend this session to learn how merchants can analyze their business through the eyes of the customer. This session will also explore how to expose and gain adoption of CRM data by merchants as well as how to apply segmentation across the enterprise.
Tracks: One View of the Enterprise, One Product
Products: Analytics, Merchandising

3:30-4:20 / Wednesday, May 04

When Customers Meet Product: Matchmaking with Assortment Planning
Lucie Salaciak & Nick Leeper, Aptos
There's that moment when your potential customer comes into contact with your offer. Is what you're offering the right item at the right time in the right place? Or are they going to move on to the next store or go to another site? Planning assortments is all about knowing your customer, and your business is at risk if you're relying on manual worksheets. This session digs into assortment planning, identifies top challenges, and provides an overview of the assortment planning solution.
Track: One Product
Products: Merchandising/Planning

8:00-12:00 / Thursday, May 05

Ask the Merchandise Planning Experts
Lucie Salaciak, Aptos
It’s all about you! Leverage the Store Planning knowledge and experience of Aptos colleagues by scheduling some one-on-one time to ask questions and discuss anything from bringing chain and store plans into balance, store performance, defining and using an alternate hierarchy or create your own topic to explore and discuss. Appointment requests are sourced on a first-come, first served basis and limited to availability, so request today!
Track: One Product
Product: Merchandising

Ask the Merchandising Experts
Sid Suss & Scott Gray , Aptos
It’s all about you! Leverage the Merchandising knowledge and experience of Aptos colleagues by scheduling some one-on-one time to ask questions and discuss anything from purchasing, allocations, pricing, inventory control or create your own topic to explore and discuss. Appointment requests are sourced on a first-come, first served basis and limited to availability, so request today!
Track: One Product
Product: Merchandising

8:30-9:45 / Thursday, May 05

Topic Table: Allocation Strategies and Streamlining Warehouse
Robyn Toban & Danny Bilodeau, Aptos
Effective product allocation can speed time-to-market and reduce overstocks, stockouts, and markdowns. This topic table will pose questions like: Do you pre-allocate? Post allocate? Should you be pre-allocating?  Where can you streamline some processes in the warehouse today to get merchandise out quicker and easier? How do you decide what merchandise goes where for the initial push, replenishment, consolidation?
Track: One Product
Product: Merchandising

10:00-10:30 / Thursday, May 05

Engage Insider: Sights, Sounds and Surveys from Aptos Engage Year One
Dave Bruno, Aptos
Aptos Engage is an opportunity to learn from people from all walks of retail. In and out of sessions, there is a lot of great conversation, networking, collaboration, discovery, and meetings. In this fun, quickly-paced 30-minute session, we'll share what's been top-of-mind from attendees in the form of surveys, interviews, and attendee experiences. Be sure to attend - you might be the star of the show!
Tracks: All
Products: All

10:30-11:00 / Thursday, May 05

Top Takeaways from Engage 2016
Dave Bruno, Aptos
Three days, four keynote speakers, six breakout tracks, nine topic table conversations, ten hours of Solution Zone meetings, and forty breakout sessions: the Engage 2016 agenda promises to deliver a bounty of insights and valuable information. There will be more than any one person – or company- couldpossibly cover. But worry not – this final session of Engage 2016 has your back.  We will recap the “aha” moments, the most valuable information and the top takeaways from three days of presentations, case studies, topic tables and workshops to ensure you leave Las Vegas armed with everything you need to hit the ground running and begin implementing change in your organization the minute you return home.
Tracks: All
Products: All


Sessions and Speakers are subject to change