Breakout Overviews

Today’s customer’s shop differently—in boundless locations and channels and through complex paths to purchase, armed with technology, questions and high expectations every step of the way. That means they want and need to be engaged differently, by retailers who can make those shopping journeys smooth, effortless and delightful from start to finish (while gaining lasting competitive advantage in the process).

The sessions we planned for Engage 2016 will show you how. They’re organized in six core tracks, plus a special track for C-level executives, to help you progress toward singular commerce in every area of your business, and to deliver the seamless experiences that are imperative for success.

One Customer

CRM | Clienteling

In a variety of sessions, we’ll discuss how to gain one view of your customers, enterprise wide, and to deliver highly personalized, consistent and profitable offers in every touchpoint to drive loyalty and sales. You’ll maximize your knowledge of what, where, how and why your customers buy, and learn to apply that knowledge to greater effect in your marketing and loyalty programs.

Topics everything from enhanced in-store personalization, to tracking website and social media activity, to the techniques and advantages of using advanced analytics with CRM. 

One Interaction

POS | Mobile POS | Digital Commerce

This track will focus on leveraging Aptos Store, Mobile Store, Digital Commerce to integrate complex shopping journeys, recognize and empower shoppers, and deliver seamless, secure experiences.

We’ll explore the advantages of processing multiple transactions as one transaction for consistency across channels, and how mobility supports productivity and fluid customer engagement. We’ll also examine how Digital Commerce equips you to: engage and delight your customers via web and social sites, mobile devices and call centers; leverage advanced Product Information Management; and customize each customer’s online shopping experience. 

One Order

Enterprise Order Management

Managing orders across multiple channels and locations is one of today’s most vexing and expensive retail challenges. The sessions in this track will help you master it with the power of one order, enabled by Enterprise Order Management.

You’ll learn how to gain a single, enterprise-wide view of your customers and inventory, and to profitably manage all orders throughout their lifecycle across every in-store and digital touchpoint, from initiation to fulfillment and back (RMAs). Our sessions will also cover how to extend the power of one order with visibility into future inventory, store order balances, enhanced integration with POS, and more.

One Product

Merchandising | Planning | Assortment Planning

Tight budgets, diverse markets, multiple channels and store grades, and thousands of SKUs. As a planner or merchandiser, you need to coordinate endless variables in perfect combinations that will delight your customers and maximize profit.

This track explores how to do that more effectively by using integrated merchandising and planning processes to harness the power of “one product,” extend your capabilities, and bring your unique brand vision to life. Our sessions will help you plan and allocate precisely according to sales and true demand, streamline the complexities of warehouse management and returns management, leverage advanced analytics and order management; and more.

One Truth

Audit and Operations Management

As the volume, scope and pace of your retail data continues to increase, so too does your need for automated data management to ensure you have complete, correct and consistent information about what’s happening across your business. 

This track will focus on strategies and solutions for achieving that essential single truth with validated, accurate and timely data from every corner of your enterprise, in support of effective analytics. The sessions will cover a range of topics pertaining to improving your performance with the Sales Audit, Loss Prevention, Voucher Management and Employee Productivity and Commissions modules of Audit and Operations Management. 


One View of the Enterprise


While it’s critical to have timely data you can depend on, you must also be able to leverage that data with comprehensive analytics that clarify what it means and identify how to apply it with the right actions at the right time.

This track will examine the power and uses of Aptos Analytics to aggregate, integrate and illuminate information in one clear view of your enterprise, and to ensure that your merchandising, marketing, store operations, digital commerce and executive teams make fully-informed, highly effective decisions. Among other topics, these sessions will address analytics tools, techniques, dashboards and reports; in-store and crm-focused analytics; size management applications; and maximizing speed to value.

Engage “C” Track

As we did at our 2015 client conference, Engage 2016 will feature a special one-day program exclusively for C-level retail executives. Four extended, interactive sessions are being developed around special topics concerning the evolution of retailing and strategies for growth. More information will be available soon.

General Topics

In addition to our track-specific content, we’re preparing a variety of sessions of general interest and relevance to a wide range of retail roles. Planned topics include:

  • International Retailing
  • Payments
  • EMV and Data Security
  • Professional and Support Services
  • Retail Hardware
  • Retailing in the Cloud